Ad Terra specialises in the exploration, storage and development of energy and mineral resources.

From fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, from extraction to storage; we help businesses, authorities, and public bodies respond to the needs of society today, in order to benefit the world of tomorrow.

Case studies

Multi-Scale Karstic Reservoir Characterisation

Innovative multi-disciplinary approach (combining bore-hole imagery, core data, 3D seismic and field production) have been applied to better characterize and represent karstic features. (…)

Geothermal: High-resolution 3D modeling

In the global search for renewable and low-emission energies, there is a strong emphasis on geothermal potential and the accurate characterization of known resources. (…)

Deep Geological Repository: Safe Underground Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Nuclear processes are routinely used in the fields of energy, industry, medicine, and research, however these activities create a by-product in the form of radioactive nuclear waste. (…)