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A reliable and committed partner at your side providing targeted expertise to long-term global assistance

Our business works with the highest level of expertise, reliability, and ethics. Thanks to more than 500 years of cumulated experience between our managers and specialists, we offer tailor-made, expert services.

Ad Terra Energy is established in Switzerland, a neutral and non-aligned country. This location guarantees you a high added value service, which relies on an international network of independent internal and external experts, fully dedicated to your needs and your goals.

Need specific expertise, one-off advice, or long-term support? We guarantee quality assistance.

Management and organisation

Our organisation is project and client oriented and that is reflected in our horizontal hierarchy and our multidisciplinary work units. Our teams work in close cooperation in a flexible and dynamic manner, in order to best meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Our director general, Benjamin Sallier, PhD, works alongside Bernd Fiebig, PhD, Geophysicist, and Michael Suana, PhD, Geologist. Together, they direct a full team of engineers and experts from the fields of Earth and Applied Sciences, supported by project managers covering all disciplines related to our business sectors.

Swiss Geo Energy

Advice based on practical experience

In order to offer our clients geothermal advice based on real field experience, Ad Terra has initiated Swiss Geo Energy: a geothermal exploration, development and production project designed with both sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. The goal is to transfer skills and apply our extensive experience gained from traditional energies to demonstrate the economic and power generation potential of geothermal energy.

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