Business Sectors

From feasibility study to implementation

Ad Terra helps clients from public and private sectors locate, produce and manage subsurface energy and water resources. We provide tailored solutions ranging from long-term project management and assistance to focused investigations.


We analyse terrain potential, assess the risks and provide the necessary information to ensure optimized exploration, development and production.

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We lead or provide support in all subsurface operations, from exploratory drilling to the establishment of permanent facilities.

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We assist and provide the methodology necessary for the extraction and processing of resources, whether it be for distribution, sales or monitoring.

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Swiss Geo Energy

Advice based on practical experience

In order to offer our clients geothermal advice based on real field experience, Ad Terra has initiated Swiss Geo Energy: a geothermal exploration, development and production project designed with both sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. The goal is to transfer skills and apply our extensive experience gained from traditional energies to demonstrate the economic and power generation potential of geothermal energy.

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