Ad Terra at the EAGE 2021 edition

For the first time we will be present at the world-class event bringing together all the big names in geoscience and engineering : the EAGE in Amsterdam, from October 18 to 21.

Our team looks forward to meeting you at this major event featuring the latest technologies and research through its conferences and exhibitors.

Ad Terra Energy will feature three presentations by three of our collaborators: Simon Courgeon (PhD) – Geologist & Sedimentologist; Gilles Fabre – Senior Reservoir Geologist; and Sergio Pedraza – Senior Reservoir Engineer.

Come and visit us from October 18 to 21 at the Ad Terra Energy booth #1005!


Forward Stratigraphic Modelling : a powerful tool to improve carbonate reservoir characterisation & modelling – By Simon Courgeon

The case study (Cenozoic Reservoir, Middle East) illustrates an integrated approach ranging from carbonate reservoir sedimentology to static reservoir modelling. The work flow uses Forward Stratigraphic Modelling as a key tool to understand sedimentary-related heterogeneities and to propagate reservoir properties in 3D along the studied field.

Multi-scale karstic reservoir characterisation – By Gilles Fabre

The study consists of an innovative multi-disciplinary approach which aims at better characterising and representing karstic features in a dual porosity/permeability simulation model and improving the associated reservoir model predictions. This work is developed in the context of a carbonate reservoir characterisation.

Energy transition in Switzerland – By Sergio Pedraza

We are actively supporting the energy transition in Switzerland and over the world by collaborating with customers/partners in Geothermal & Carbon Capture and Storage (CCUS) projects. Our Swiss energy activities also encompass Nuclear Waste Storage domain with, especially, comprehensive assessment of potential host rock and bounding formations for deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Tuesday 18 October and Wednesday 19 October

14:00 Forward Stratigraphic Modelling

15:00 Multi-scale karstic reservoir characterisation

16:00 Energy transition in Switzerland

Thursday 20 October

10:00 Forward Stratigraphic Modelling

10:30 Multi-scale karstic reservoir characterisation

11:00 Energy transition in Switzerland

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