Geneva Petroleum Consultants International becomes Ad Terra Energy

Since our foundation in 2010, Geneva Petroleum Consultants International has experienced significant growth in its domestic and international activities. Originally focused on oil and gas activities, our business has steadily expanded into other sectors. Our teams have been strengthened to offer the broadest possible expertise in subsurface investigations and energy production to our clients. This success is also thanks to the guidance, advice, and input of our dedicated clients, for which we graciously thank them.

Since the use of fossil fuels began for commercial power consumption, technologies have evolved in leaps and bounds to meet the energy needs of civilization. Humanity has become a force for change where its own history is intertwined with that of the Earth. Ingrained in our social values and company mission is the responsibility to help transform the production practices and use of energy resources for future generations. We want this commitment to be based on realistic and pragmatic principles.

Only a sustainable and balanced energy strategy will offer a viable solution to a carbon neutral future. There is no shortage of solutions available for managing traditional resources more efficiently and for developing new energy sources, be it geothermal energy, energy storage, optimized fossil fuel extraction and emissions reduction, carbon capture and sequestration, deep aquifer exploration and management, or the development of photovoltaics, wind power and biomass. It is this global and inclusive vision that we hope to promote to our public and private sector clients.

Our business draws on our subsurface expertise along with our strong project management experience to provide top quality services in these promising areas of activity. We want our company name to reflect these new endeavours and our desire to be, alongside our clients, an effective and trustworthy partner in this time of global transformation.

As of October 1, 2021, Geneva Petroleum Consultants International will become Ad Terra Energy. Our subsidiary Geneva Geo Energy will also become part of this new enterprise, consolidating our services to have a unified vision, reflecting our commitment to better manage the resources of our planet.

Our business remains the same, but our operations are diversifying. We remain experts in the field of energy, at the service of our customers for tailored solutions ranging from localized projects to global assistance.

Ad Terra is opening a new chapter in its history. From the sustainable management of our resources to realistic and adapted solutions, we provide energy to evolve.

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