Integrated Sedimentological Studies

6 October 2021

Sedimentological and stratigraphic studies provide priceless information on architecture, nature and heterogeneities of sedimentary geological objects (both in surface and subsurface). While the major application of such work corresponds to subsurface characterization for both Oil & Gas and Geothermal industries, sedimentary geology also consists of an unavoidable approach in nuclear waste storage and large-scale civil engineering projects. Ad Terra Energy provides solid expertise on sedimentary geology in carbonate, clastic but also mixed systems. Current activity especially includes:

  • Regional stratigraphic and paleo-geographic syntheses based on literature, client database and in-house knowledge. Our approach combines classic lithostratigraphy with multi-order sequence stratigraphy.
  • Petrographic analyses (from cores and outcrops, at macro and microscopic scales) including depositional environments interpretation, diagenesis assessment and pore/fracture networks characterization.
  • Carbonate rock dating using chemo-stratigraphy principles (e.g. 87Sr/86Sr) and sedimentary geochemistry (e.g. XRD, XRF, isotopic ratios, elemental concentrations).
  • Sedimentology-driven well logs interpretation with a specific focus on bore-hole imagery.
  • Seismic/sequence stratigraphy interpretations combined with 3D seismic geomorphology and attributes analyses in complex sedimentary settings.
  • Forward stratigraphic modelling for both reservoir characterization and exploration purposes.
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Geophysics: Seismic Acquisition

Reflection seismology and seismic imaging today is one of the most powerful geophysical methods. It is successfully applied in Geothermal, Petroleum, Mining, and Nuclear Storage exploration.

Geophysics: Seismic Processing

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Stochastic multimineral log analysis is a powerful tool for quantifying rock properties such as mineralogy, porosity, and water saturation in complex carbonate, siliclastic and shale sedimentary basins.