Maximising productivity through well-intervention activities

25 April 2023
Preliminary assessment of Acid Stimulation Candidates based on KH vs PI.

Planning and execution of well interventions are paramount to achieving optimal performance after many years of production. Our multi-disciplinary technical team at Ad Terra Energy assists a key customer to achieve optimal performance through combined well interventions such as rigless operations, workovers, and acid stimulations.

The objective of these interventions is mainly to improve or revitalise well performance, acquire additional key data to improve subsurface understanding and decision-making, and to operate more efficiently. The technology used for the well interventions ranges from the simplest and less costly such as Thru-Tubing intervention using Coiled Tubing till milling liner and casing.

To accomplish successful interventions, our team has contributed to several tasks such as:

  • Perform a subsurface and well design review,
  • Evaluate re-completion options and operational risks (i.e., a squeeze cementing operation could repair poor initial cement jobs and achieve the proper zone isolation but could also damage the well)
  • Classify all reviewed wells based on their potential and the complexity of the re-completion options,
  • Provide minimum specifications for the required equipment for the corresponding well operation (i.e., minimum ID restriction in the completion string, installation depth of an inflatable packer, maximum differential pressure requirements).

Our client gave top priority to wells with good potential that can quickly bring some oil production at low operation costs. In total, Ad Terra Energy identified at least 25 opportunities for well interventions. The expected incremental oil from this campaign is well dependent, with an overall estimated production gain of circa 30-40 Kbopd.

Ad Terra Energy will continue supporting the 2023-2024 well intervention campaign to maximise the value of existing wells and revitalise field production.

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