Our worldwide expertise can help you boost your production and maximise the potential of your resources.

We offer tailor-made technical advice for global operators through integrated workflows using a smart-cost approach. Our advanced workflows span from exploration portfolio management to field development and EOR and are designed to deliver multi-disciplinary decision-tools to unlock resources.

One of our success stories, was a multi-scale karstic reservoir characterisation project that is part of an integrated field development study. This study uses an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to better characterise and represent karst features in a dual permeability simulation model that greatly improved the associated reservoir model predictions. This work was developed to characterise a carbonate reservoir and is currently being used to define new well trajectories in the field development plan.

Due to the nature of our business, understanding how to manage our resources sustainability and the ability to transfer this knowledge are key. Our team of technical experts have accompanied clients in several projects aimed at lowering the impact of operations on our environment. For example, we carry out feasibility studies for carbon dioxide (CO2) injection to enhance coal bed methane production (ECBM) and to optimize CO2 sequestration and gas production. We have also performed conceptual feasibility studies to assess the potential CO2 storage capacity of saline aquifers. Our expertise also includes nuclear waste storage, where we have completed a comprehensive assessment of the host rock and bounding formations for deep geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Swiss Geo Energy

Advice based on practical experience

In order to offer our clients geothermal advice based on real field experience, Ad Terra has initiated Swiss Geo Energy: a geothermal exploration, development and production project designed with both sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. The goal is to transfer skills and apply our extensive experience gained from traditional energies to demonstrate the economic and power generation potential of geothermal energy.

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